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We are pleased to offer every Spa Owner, Operations Manager, Lead Staff the Forms, Guides, Formats and Plans to run the overall business; department by department.

Importantly, our attention comes along with every Informational Guide you Purchase. You can call us anytime to go over all the information, so you can compliment them into your Spa Culture.  Scan through our Library of Kits and items. You can purchase them by Category or in Special Groupings. Call us today at 847 823 1727 or Email us your questions. You can only Purchase them direct from our Consultants for your complete satisfaction and guidance.

Having it all Organized, Means You Can Work Smart which Eliminates Recurring Challenges 



Get it Right .  From the Get Go Kit

This Kit Gives is your “Spa Employee Job Opportunity Presentation”.

Included are:
  • The 3 Part Interview Program
  • The Hiring Day “Presentation”
    • Employee Manual
      • Spa Commitment, Employee Commitment, Benefits, and Spa Formal Rules of Excellence. 
      • Job Description and Responsibility Forms
      • Detail of How to act in the Spa
      • The Non-Compete Contract Form
      • Sick Day Gained Benefits and Support Policies
      • Vacation Policies 
    • The Education Support and Commitment Contract Form
    • 30-60-90 days, Calendar of Expectation & Review
    • Monthly Growth-Goal Forms
    • Plus More

Grow Spa’s Future with Great Careers with The Perfect Spa Presentation of Mission, Programs, Policies and Goals 

Lead in Excellence . Esthetic Director Kit

This Kit Compliments your knowledge, experience and understanding of the spa growth mechanics, staff performance in services and retail and spa policy reinforcement.

Included are:

  • Spa Staff Responsibility Guide
  • Spa Room Inventory and Staff Check List
  • Spa House Keeper and Laundry Organization and Responsibility Guide
  • Staff Service to Retail, Retention and Goal Forms and Guides
  • Education Commitment and Contract Forms and Guides
  • Inventory Guides per Room and Retail Real Estate Stories
  • 3 Part Discipline and Warning Form and Guides
  • Plus More

You can add the “Get it Right Kit” 


Lead in Excellence . Reception Manager Kit

This Kit can Organize Your Reception manager and her Assistants

Included are:

  • Receptionists Responsibility Guide
  • Reception Team’s Department Responsibilities, Inventory and Check List
  • Phone Etiquette Guide
  • Client Relations, Flow and Hand Off Programs
  • Education Commitment and Contract Forms and Guides
  • Inventory and Retail Fulfillment Guides
  • 3 Part Discipline and Warning Form and Guides
  • Plus More

You can add the “Get it Right Kit” 


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