Spa Business Offerings on Location

Tailored for Your Spa Culture New or Existing

The Spa Business Plan

Your Mission and Goal. We can show you how to design the reality of Your Dream and stick with its business building purpose to success.

TSBP: Spa Style, Financial Impact to Market, Location,  Staff and Staff Levels, Budgets, Operations, Employee Manuals, Benefits, Product, Equipment and More.

The Spa Floor

Already designed or being designed we recognize the challenges and how to improve the spa floor design or implement design correction.

TSF: Over view of Client Flow, Spa Room Functionality, Greeting to Checkout, Amenities, Pro and Retail Products, Laundry, the Reception and More.

The Spa’s Internal Business Forms & Programs

Contracts, Forms and Programs – difference between Employees understanding positions and responsibilities to Receptionists having a Script, 

TSFP:  Employee Manuals, Job descriptions, Educational Responsibility Forms, Challenge Forms, Room Detail, Inventories, Reception Phone Scripts and More.

The Spa Professional and Retail Offerings

Product and Equipment purchasing are crucial. It is the foundation of Spa’s Identity and Offerings = Brand!

TSPRO: Products are the first big mistake in investment that can happen. Strategy is everything to branding. We can guide you through the perfect thought process before the impulse purchasing.

The Spa Staff and Hiring

Staffing is your most important factor to looking and fulfilling your Brand’s Goals and Growing Dreams.

TSSH: We are experts in the preparation, the interview and attaining the right staff. The right Candidates from the start is the one that mirrors your end goal.

Smarter from the Beginning

Our goal is to put you on a custom plan that meets or changes what your spa needs, because its beginning development either rolls out challenges or grows with the most successful GOALS ACHIEVED. 


Spa Treatment Services to Retail Management

Experts in Helping You Understand the Power of the Signature Service Culture!

Your Spa Services are the statement, color and culture of your Brand.

The Dream begins with understanding that the Spa Culture is “how you do your daily business” built upon the Services and Products you will offer.  This Culture will be the Mission, based on the Services of Your Spa Business.  We can help with that! Our consultants are ready and willing to work with you until you see the progress of the Spa Culture you want to offer to the market you are in.

Spas come in many Traditional and New Types and Styles. The First step is the TYPE. Will Your Spa be or is a Medical Spa, Wellness Spa, Resort Spa or Day Spa. The Styles are many and each with its own successes and branding protocols. Personalities!

The World of Spa is a Plethora of Styles. Look at this short list, there are many more:

  • Clinical to Anti-aging Medical Spa / Cosmetic Surgery to Noninvasive Services
  • Clinical Holistic Spa / Indigenous to Homeopathic Wellness
  • Wellness Body Spa / Global Organic Body Therapy to Chiropractic Wellness
  • Wellness Day Spa/ Spa Services with Organic and Natural to Natural Healing Specifics
  • Luxury Anti-aging Day Spa / High End Beauty Services and Blending in Anti-aging Treatments
  • Indigenous to Regional Resort Spa / Global Body & Facial Beauty Treatments
  • Apothecary Spa / Aromatherapy Spa Specialists

If you are just beginning to research, this is the most Important Signature Focus you must decide on and may take some time to decide. If you already have a Style and it dictates a change or needs a fresh renewal, we can help you see the possibilities.

Most importantly you’re Style and Market will dictate the Equipment, Products, Staff, Business Plan, Management style and all the elements it needs to perform. Our expertise can help you see the possibilities and subtle changes that are needed.  

We love to be helpful, and we will work with you before you make another decision or purchase to define your Spa Style. Lets us help you with those challenges and design a menu based on that Culture and Advise on the Programs or Changes to bring your Spa Business Dreams into fruition with profit.

Spa Business Plan


Loyal Staff

Client Loyalty

Simply ask our Professional Consultants for the best way to Get Started and Work Smarter to Build Your Dream Spa Business