We’ve Had Our Eye on Spa Business Growth and Trends for Years

Luxury to Wellness From One Generation to Another

Our reputation and integrity precedes us; working and specializing in the Day, Medical and Salon Spa industry in the Midwest. We understand the Culture, environments and nature of working in the Urban, Suburban and Rural Village Spas in the States Surrounding Illinois. Plus Chicago and the Chicago Suburbs is our hub.

With a strong focus on daily spa culture mechanics being the turning motion of success, we can guide Owners and Management Operations to see New Changes that can make a WORLD of DIFFERENCE.

Our History

Spa Specifics was founded in 1992 by Bonnie Canavino because her clients wanted her to share her successes. She has Consulted with New developing Spas from ground up to Major Salon Spa businesses including Sole Proprietors to Multi-Management Ownership that have made their mark but still needing to refresh and update goals. Her career spans accomplishments from her job beginnings to where Wellness Spa is today. Successes included: “One Beautiful Face” Salon Spa Makeup Artistry and Skin Care, Bioelements Skin Care Regional Account and Distributor Management and Sales, Spa Director for 2,500 and 10,000 square foot Salon / Spa Management – Creating Million dollar Departments and now the Owner and Consultant Creator of the Red Cherry Group and Developer of Spa Brands for Red Cherry Certified Organic Lab manufacturing 3 Spa brands that are sold in the Finest Resort, Medical and Day Spas in North America: 

Amrit Organic, Raw Skin Care &

Spa Specifics Organic.

Our Goals

Everyone has goals including the New and Independent Spa Entrepreneurs. We believe it should be called Dreams as well. Our Dream is to create more successful spas.

Our goal is to have the opportunity to offer every one that success. We know that from the spa door to the back of the facility all facets must perform smoothly with beauty and purpose, creating a bounty of memorable spa experiences.

All types of spas make the spa world competitive and add to the health, beauty and wellness to communities wide and far. Spas come in all sizes and we want to help all fulfill their dream goals with practices that match their culture and build business success for all involved. Simply we have the passion to grow Spa.



Our Offerings

We offer hands on and Business Kit programs designed and easily structured for the size of your spa and business strategies to fulfill your Ultimate Goals.

Often there are hidden factors we can see by learning your history, current business activity and your future needs and goals. All these factors impact where your successes are leading to or not. We also bring to you associate partners that can take you where more specialty is needed, including State by State Medical Spa requirements and design.

     We offer: Overview of Spa Design and Flow, Employee Protocols and Performance Programs, Reception Protocols and Sales, Rewards Programs, Staff Management and Culture Perfect Product Advice for Professional and Retail and more.

We’ll show you how to work spa smarter.

Note: We know how to coach and grow Salon/Spa. In many communities, they are the single most important resource for the first time Spa Experience. We can show you how to make it the best one.