The Spa Dreamer’s Business Journey is a Marathon, not a speed way.

Preparation with all it’s tools, Guides the Spa Spirit to Success by B Canavino 03 18 1992

Spa Library Annex

This Wonderful Series of Documents has been Complied to Supplement Spa in all the Specifics Protocols and Guides to Running the Spa Dream

More then Spa, many of these Documents can be used for Salon, Salon-Spa, Nail, Medical Spa, Chiropractic Spa and Wellness Clinic Businesses. Where ever spa and treatment services are offered.

You will find Documents that Stand Alone as well as Series that Support Each Other

Our Library has over 135 Documents Complete.  Contact Us for the Complete Library Listing

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Employee Spa Manual

Unique to Spa Business Culture

Without it, Challenges occur and staff flounders. These guidelines help keep the Business in sync.

This Spa Manual includes:

  • Spa Ownership and Staff Commitment
  • Staff Daily Policies
  • Job Descriptions
  • Vacation Benefits
  • Sick Day Policies
  • Insurance and Life Benefits
  • Service Benefits
  • Product Discounts
  • Friends and Family Privileges
  • Continuing Education Policies
  • Personal Storage Policies
  • + Spa Manual Agreement

$495.00                         21 Pages


Business Management Working Forms

Commitment and Accountability Formats

Can’t Function without Contractual Forms of Determent and Support in Education and Career Building. Forms Start off the Employees understand of what your business dictates in organization, Quality and Support.

This 6 Piece Contractual Forms and Guides Series Includes:

  • Full Staff  Job Descriptions
  • Employee Application
  • Spa Manual Agreement
  • Non-Compete
  • Education Agreement
  • Challenge and Dismissal 3 Step Program

$180.00                           13 Pages

Spa Dept. Management Working Forms

Accountability, Goals and Responsibilities

Building Business includes Coaching and Accountability in Written Documents for understanding and continual growth. Many practices that start out wonderful in the beginning get lost because the tracking is too complicated or systems are incomplete. Daily, Weekly and Monthly revisiting can only happen if the information is recorded and shared.

This 5 piece Series includes:

  • Massage Consent
  • Waxing, Facial, Micro and Peel Consent
  • Waxing First Aid
  • Monthly Goal Performance
  • Spa Room Supply Check list

$115.00                       15 pages