Employees Spa Manual


Your Spa Manual is the most Crucial Part of your Spa¬† Business and Employee Functionality. We have Complied all the possible Human interaction and basic needs for job performance in programs and protocols to build a loyal Staff with a clear understanding with supportive rewards that meet the demands of a growing Spa Business. You can simply add and change these programs, as your staff grows, but all the mandatory principles are included in this Spa Manual. We also added creative parts you can replace with your own Philosophy, Mission and Goals. Example: You can change = Your Commitment and the Employee’s Commitment Statements to reflect you new spa culture. Having a Well Defined Spa Manual is the first step in building your spa’s definition and will always stand to be referred to.

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This Spa Manual is Descriptive, Simple and to the Point. It is designed so you can easily add and change features to match your offerings. Example we have designed a family and friends Service and Retail Price Benefit Structure. It is based on slow and busy days without cutting into your Profits and Client Space availability. It is clear cut so there are no misunderstandings. Your Open Service Hours, Discounts and Retail Rewards are all to the benefit for the Client’s availability, yet it gives your staff a generous and comfortable rewards program for their friends and family. This system builds Staff and Client Loyalty.

The Spa Manual Contents include:

  • Spa Ownership and Staff Commitment
  • Staff Daily Policies
  • Job Descriptions
  • Vacation Benefits
  • Sick Day Policies
  • Insurance and Life Benefits
  • Service Benefits
  • Product Discounts
  • Friends and Family Privileges
  • Continuing Education Policies
  • Personal Storage Policies
  • Spa Manual Agreement

Manual is comprised of 21 Pages of complete description


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