Get it Right, From the Get Go Kit

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This is Your Business Management to Staff Career Building Kit including Our Signature Job Opportunity Interviewing with Theater Protocols and Guides to bringing in the best Professionals in your area. Management is the center of Success whether you are the Owner-Manager, or you have a General Manager with Lead Professional Desk and Spa  Positions. Here you will find all the tools to Management with Integrity, Credibility and Success without Unnecessary Challenges.  


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Your Spa Management to Staff and Employee Management Program kit includes:

  • Job Application Form
  • The 3 Part Interview and Theater Protocol Program
    • Presentation Employee Manual and Spa Commitment Guides
      • Employee Commitment and Benefits Package
  • Spa Formal Rules of Excellence including:
    • Job Description and Responsibility Forms,
    • Detail of How to act in the Spa Forms (Non-Compete Contract/ Form
    • Sick Day Gained Benefits and Support Policies, Vacation Policies,
  • Advanced Education Form
  • Commitment Contract Form
  • 90 day Introduction Program
  • Calendar of Expectation & Review
  • Monthly Growth-Goal Forms
  • 3-part Challenge and Discipline Form
  • Client Rewards Referral Program.

All additional and Specifics department Programs are featured in Lead in Spa Excellence our Spa Management Kit and Lead in Reception Excellence.


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