Lead in Reception in Excellence

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Reception is the Client’s First Experience in your Spa whether by Phone or Walk in. The Desk sets the tone of Greeting, Accommodation, Organization, Comfort and Customer Service. It’s the First place a Client will head for regardless of the situation. This Kit compiles all the elements of the Client Experience including Building Books and Spa Client Relations and Retail . Remember the Rules and Culture you design must include concise formulas keeping everyone in the know of how it works and these Programs do just that.

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Your Lead in Excellence Reception Kit includes the best of the Best Guides and Protocols including:

  • Receptionists Responsibility Guide
  • Spa Department Responsibility Protocols and Call to Action Guides
  • Reception Team’s Department Responsibilities, Inventory and Check List
  • Phone Etiquette Guide, Client Relations and Flow and Hand Off Programs
  • Education Commitment and Contract Forms and Guides
  • Inventory and Retail Fulfillment Guides
  • 3 Part Challenges and Discipline and Warning Form and Guides
  • Client Referral Program
  • Retail Buying Trends and Matching Products to Spa Culture.
  • One Handy easy Store Package

You will also get

  • One PC Thumb Drive with Adobe PDFs and Word Docs
  • One Year of all Updates and additions
  • 2 Hour Phone Consult Time (220.00 per-hr. Value)
    • *All Phone Consult Time (Expires, 1 year from Date of Purchase)


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