The Theater 3 Part Interview


Our Signature Theater 3 Step Interviewing System is Creative and Fun for both you and the perspective Employee. It begins with a presentation of your Spa and a chance for you to really explain your business culture, then moves on to a Theater presentation instead of a standard practical and ending with a possible job offer. Our Signature Difference is the details and cutting edge priority of verbal exchange creating an environment of relaxed professionalism, like you have never experienced. In the end you will gain more highly qualified employees and your business talents will become more defined.  You will gain more trust and credibility and create more leaders then you would ever expect.




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Our Signature Theater 3 part Interview System gives you the ability to know more about your potential New Staff Member then you have ever experienced in a traditional first verbal and second practical interview process. This System is a bench mark of Distinction in Spa, Salon and Service interviews because it brings out the true talents of the person you are interviewing. The focus is verbal exchange. The priority is the spa service reality. The greeting with result driven consultation, a short service performance,an ending recommendation and the closing with reviews from all participants.

This Series is all about the interview including:

  • The Theater 3 Step Protocols and Guide
  • The Spa Job Descriptions and Formats
  • 90 Day Introduction Program


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