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    • I love to buy Spa Products. When do I research the professional and retail products for my Spa?

    The choices for all types of spas are abundant. Before even thinking of purchasing a Brand, wait until after the spa type and style are completely planned out, but it’s much more than just buying.  It is an investment that must image your spa’s style and type of services and culture.  Your staff and spa products must be able to grow business in your market and financial demographic.

  • You need a consultant to help you take all the steps correctly; buying prior to a sound plan can put you in the wrong direction, which you had not intended. If you already have products and it just doesn’t work, call us for advice before you look!

    • Why am I always over budget?

    Spa is not for the faint of heart, if you don’t have structured inventories per room and departments then it’s impossible to know where it’s all going. If you tend to purchase on a whim to bring up revenue and do not have a plan, your revenue on hand gets eaten up.

  • You need guidance and a plan that is in control. No short cuts, eyeballing shelves and no inventories… an analysis service changes to product cost and usage has to be accounted for.

    • How do I get better service timing and lower my cost per hour?
  • Something is wrong somewhere! An analysis of every aspect of the services, bookings, staff‘s abilities, and more needs to be accounted for. Do you actually know how to find your cost per hour?
  • You need to be shown the way to restructure how your Desk and Spa flow with a Professional.
    • How do I bring in more education for my staff?

    There are multiple ways of finding advanced education.  Vendors have available education opportunities, but they are generally based on monthly or quarterly purchases or first time investment level. In house education is nice, so you need a lead staff educator. In addition to National and Local Shows and Association Membership programs, you will need an Education Form for Employees. Education is a benefit.

  • Our services offer forms from Education to Challenges and Non Competes. if you do not have an education support contract then your employees will look elsewhere for a benefit supporting business to build their career in.   
    • Why does my staff not Upgrade the Client’s Service or sell Retail?
  • Your spa goals and protocols need to be Re-introduced to staff. Does your spa have important forms for signing which includes an Employee Manual with all the commitments and expectations and their goal level chart in Professional and Retail sales and an Education 30 day and yearly program. Spa Staff need reviews and monthly guides.
  • You need help with a seasoned consultant to guide you to creating the Employee Career Growth Tools, Education and Goal plans and how to read their Monthly Achievements or Career Needs
  • (PSST with love Notes)!
    • How do I know how to build Future Bookings?

    You need to fall in love with weekly strategies of how to book/build Future Bookings. Take a look at your Software and see if there is a “Future Booking Report”. If not, then you need to have a plan to teach and develop incentives for all staff to look at empty spaces as possibilities and gifts of opportunity.

  • We have Reception and Service Staff programs like Monday Wake Up Reports to look and review year to year, weekday to weekday and days to days. How to read them, how to know what’s wrong and what’s right and inspire your staff! Book into the NOW Future!