Spa is My Love My Life

Has the Confidence of a day well done!

Ownership’s kind of lifestyle never ends, even if you’re the most organized and prepared professional. Spa always has one more surprise up its Plush Robe Sleeve. Review all the tools each department needs to run well on and open time to solve those challenges and then market your Dream Spa Brand and keep it Exciting.

We can help you get to this point, especially if you have been struggling not knowing what to do next or if you just starting out and think you have it all together.

Working smarter allows you time to Market everyday all day, refresh the spa products and menu and time to schedule staff meetings and let them know they have your attention, which opens your eyes to Your Spa’s Reality.

Communication to Success are My Passion

A New Day of Managing the Spa Party Flow

Receptionist’s lifestyle can either be the most hectic or the most productive, but adding all the tools of directing with positive control of Phone, Client and Employee Flow is mandatory. Making all Greetings and Closings for every client experience a joy that builds business and loyalty.

  We can tell immediately with one phone call what your client’s experience and challenges are in your spa. We have the answers and tools to solve them. Once solved you Spa Reception builds business faster. Tools like Future Booking Bonuses and Solid Service building Language tactics and Client Retail Reception Specialist programs can easily be implemented.

Personal Care to Beauty is My Motto

 My ability to impact My Clients Daily Life in Stress Free Elegance

 Lead Esthetician and Spa Staff’s lifestyles are one of passionate care and they have the most intimate service to instantly change a person’s self image. The ending factor of performance goals come from Spa Education Support and Service Excellence Mission. Tools to function are crucial to your team’s ending service to retail growth and bookings.      

Spa Specifics programs can impact by giving you the plan of operations to make all Staff members succeed. From the “Get Go” to “Years of Loyalty”. We can guide you to set programs for the New and Experienced Professional.

Programs Include:

  • Employee Manuals
  • Travel Education Earnings Rewards
  • Payroll Overviews
  • Incentives Retail and Team Challenges
  • Client Hand Off Guides
  • Service to Retail to Retention Goals and Reviews
  • Spa Room set Up Design and Maintenance Policies
  • Menu Education and Renewing
  • And we have More