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  • Do Your Spa and Reception Operation Professionals need to learn how to manage their departments with integrity or learn the Art of Building Spa, The Power of Spa Rules and Manuals and How to Solve the Challenges?
  • Does your Spa Service Staff need refreshing education on their part of Business Building including: the Service to Retail Connection to Loyalty, Understanding the Power of Developing a Booking Mind 
  • Do you as a Spa professional need Inspiring education?
  • If you say yes, to any of this we offer On Location Group Spa Classes tailored to meet you Spa’s Style and Culture or Check out our Class Listings.

Group Classes for All Levels

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Are you just beginning your Spa career?

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No matter Your Experience level we have a group class that will help you reach your career goals! Tap here for our Classes.

Investing in Your Mind and

Passion is Spa


Service to Retail to Retention

Listen, Ask and Recommend Builds Confidence and Client Loyalty

We offer only the best in Spa Education because we live it and our passion is built because of years of experience.

We invite you to contact us about your Spa’s Educational needs. Check out our Classes, they Change from time to time. We are not affiliated to any States Advanced Education Programs. We are Passionate about Building Serious Careers and Spa Business and offer the Finest. Classes:  

  • The Etiquette of Spa: How Correct Spa Flow Comforts Clients with Skill Staff and Services
  • The Booking Mind for Service Staff
  • Service to Retail, Personal and Professional Career Growth
  • The Spa Director’s Management on the Line Guide

Beauty to Retail Classes

Events to Success Classes

Directors Coaching Classes