Plan Their Success!

Are you struggling as a leader in Spa Operations, Director of Education, Reception, Owner or Assistant? Or maybe your wearing all the Hats, wouldn’t it be nice to lead the day in confidence instead of fighting the challenges or constantly putting out fires?

Test the platform and dynamics of the business.

So, what does that mean?

If you have to search for the answer, look for the first thing that greets you in the negative today!

Imagine this: first Spa Massage Service Booking of the Day. Of course it is for a New Client to the Spa, who asked for a female massage therapist and your most popular Female Massage Therapist is not on location. She is running late and called a 1min. before the booking.

Find Your Staff?

Running our businesses like a well oiled machine is the goal (you can have a hiccup every now and then, but not at the expense of a Client or Compromises to Your Spa Brand). I always asked myself, “How do I keep the Kids out of trouble”. Organization of spa rules and consequences are needed. So, you have SPA RULES, but ask yourself, “Are they elusive and unstructured or hidden in the Spa manual in Your Office”?  If so, you cannot enforce them. They need to be presented to every new staff member in print, signed, taught and implemented, or you bare the burden and frustration. 

What is the most valuable management asset? The Employee Manual plus a few important additional guide protocols designed especially for Your Spa Culture – taught and reviewed every year if needed, with copies for every staff member.

Timing is everything in spa… I can tell you that my style of management is one of teaching employees that they are responsible for their actions, but we are all there to help in a crisis. The rules we have are easily understood and everyone comes to work with a respectful attitude, relying on these rules to help them succeed.

I manage to build careers and surround myself with successful staff. If they are successful, my business is successful. If they fail I have to look at myself.  When my staff members were in conflict with being late, I knew about it by 6 am, because they understood that this challenge would compound on others they rely on. Help is a call away!

I have several books in my career, which have helped me manage and develop my own successful style. I continue to share those management skills in consulting. The first book that opened my eyes to the theory of three was “The One Minute Manager” by Kenneth Blanchard Ph.D. (Author), Spencer Johnson M.D. (Author). I took this philosophy and developed the threes which I taught every Staff member, to build books and sell retail, on and on. This led to Our Spa Specifics Staff Classes around “Booking and Retail Success Programs”. 

What happened to that first challenge of the day? The Client was given complimentary the service of her choice that moment and a gift certificate for a Future Massage she booked with that Massage Therapist. I told her “Our massage Therapist ____ wanted to give her a Gift Massage for the inconvenience. How did the Staff member take all this …well give me a call! Tactics with the Boss are straight forward! Spa is Passion for the Health and Comfort of the Spa Girls who visit us…they are our priority!

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